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Robert Baird, President
 P.O. Box 597
Alliston, ON  L9R 1V7

Performing Arts Consulting Services for Artists, Agents, Managers & Venues

NEW! Complete Guide Series

In an effort to provide information to the performing arts field gleaned from his years as an artist, agent, manager and performing arts executive, Robert has initiated a series of guides to all aspects of the industry from acronyms to withholding and every imaginable topic in between.

Click on a title below to download a Complete Guide in PDF format.

#1 - BAM! Complete Guide to Acronyms

A guide to abbreviations commonly used in the performing arts field

#2 - BAM! Complete Guide to Mentoring

A guide for mentors and first-time attendees at performing arts conferences

#3 - BAM! Complete Guide to Conferences - Canada

A guide to performing arts conferences in Canada

#4 - BAM! Complete Guide to Conferences - USA

A guide to performing arts conferences in the United States

#5 - BAM! Complete Guide to Conferences - International

A guide to international performing arts conferences

#6 - BAM! Complete Guide to Exhibiting

A guide to exhibiting at performing arts conferences

#7 - BAM! Complete Guide to Contracts

A guide to contracts in the performing arts

#7 - BAM! Complete Guide to Contracts - Companion Volume

Clear copies of four different contracts (.docx file)

#8 - BAM! Complete Guide to APAP Showcasing

A guide to independent showcasing at the APAP|NYC conference

#9 - BAM! Complete Guide to Entering Canada to Perform

A step-by-step guide for foreign artists

#10 - BAM! Complete Guide to Performing Networks in Canada

A guide to national, regional, and provincial associations

Take advantage of Robert’s knowledge, expertise and guidance in:

Visa Requirements for Canada


Work Permits for Canada


Crossing the Canadian Border


Bringing Merchandise into Canada


R-105 Withholding Waiver for Canada


Canadian Taxation Requirements


Canadian Incorporation


O-1 and P-1 Visa Applications for U.S. Entry


P-2 Visa AFM Applications for U.S. Entry


Canadian and American Venue Contacts


Canadian and American Conferences

Robert Baird, President of BAM! Baird Artists Management, is now available for consultation and advice regarding Canadian and U.S. regulations and information for performers, agents/managers and performing arts venues.

Mr. Baird has been in the performing arts for over fifty years and has had distinguished careers in education, publishing and musical theatre. He served on the Board of Directors (2008-2010) and was President (2011-2013) of North American Performing Arts Managers and Agents (NAPAMA). He was Treasurer and Vice-President of Festivals and Events Ontario (FEO) and served on that Board on various committees (2010-2013).

Mr. Baird received the Arts Northwest Coyote Award and the Performing Arts Exchange Mary Beth Treen Award in 2012. He is currently Chair of Team Agent Network (TAN) and APAP Showcase Producer Liaison.